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Sail around the ocean and fish!

This game was made for the 3rd CFNGameJam and uses the theme Zodiac for inspiration. As the player you control a ship and are able to fish. The goal is to catch all the fish that correspond to the different star signs.

My personal goal with this was to push my art style, trying out creating a simple fishing game, and just relaxing while creating a game.

Everything in the game is created by me, except for the ambient ocean noise found here: http://soundbible.com/1936-Crisp-Ocean-Waves.html

Only known issue is that you can walk away from the ship. This provides no advantage and only makes visuals strange.

Game made in Unity.
Art made in Photoshop.
Music made in MuseScore + looped in Reaper.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorMiko Sramek
TagsFishing, ocean, Sailing, sea, ship


Fishos_Win.zip 16 MB


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I can't believe you got all the art and audio implemented with all these diff mechanics ohhhhh heckk! Also it's actually pretty interesting using the constellations to navigate the ship to fishies I'm lookin for. Not sure what the lantern was for but I liked having it for atmospheric purposes. GJ MIKO

Also the credit in the book is clever

Thank you! Yeah the lantern is literally to be comfy. 

That was a fantastic game. It's astounding how much time can let pass by with that, it's just so relaxing (because of the simple gameplay and the meditative atmosphere, especially when one just sails to another place on the map) and at the same time intriguing, thanks to the collection aspect. I must admit, that it's my favorite interpretation of the zodiac theme. Not too focused on the superstition aspect, but instead focused on the uniqueness of the star constellations. Congratulations! Happily  I wrote a recommendation article about your game and also uploaded a short gameplay video of it. <3

Best wishes,


Thank you so much for the kind words! It means a lot to me. 

You're very welcome, Miko. Best of luck for the jam! :)